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I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't stop thinking about them. It was just one of those thoughts that pops into your head when you wake up, but then I couldn’t sleep. I thought they were happy, but now, without warning, it's over.  This is sad. Why am I thinking about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson breaking up?
I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind raced with pop culture drama.  What drove them apart? Are they still in love? Why do I care? I'm in my thirties, spending any energy on a celebrity couple feels regressive. And yet, I'm obsessed.  Despite being the benefactors of young wealth and natural talent, I like their stories. Pete’s dad was a firefighter, a hero who died in 9/11, and two years ago, a mass murderer attacked an Ariana Grande concert in England. It makes sense to me that they found each other, they're famous and have a lot in common. Their union was a victory for our generation, a hope thriving against the ceaseless heartbreak of lif…