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Louis CK will not Joke in Peace until he Castrates Himself

It is a privilege to be alive today, to be witness to the most contentious debate ever to rage inside the hallow grounds of the internet. Not since woman started wearing pants has there been a subject that so divided the citizens of the world, united the passions of freedom seekers and appalled the purveyors of moral rectitude. Environmental policy, immigration reform, and finding the cure for cancer must wait. The issue that has captured the minds of men, woman, and online trolls alike, is whether, Louis CK, a man addicted to masturbation, is allowed to tell jokes.

This is not a subject for the faint of heart or the weak in comedic acumen. Only fierce tweeters, and blue check marks- those well-bred members of our world who can savagely cut through a strangers character in a few sentences or post an aesthetically pleasing selfie- apply for this jury duty.  Louis CK’s career is a question fit only for the unbiased scruples of the online community, like draconian Lords overseeing their …